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  • New Sala Beckett at Poble Nou. The Catalan photographer Adrià Goula has been to the future home for the Sala Beckett Theatre team, the Cooperativa Paz y Justícia in Poble Nou, Barcelona. He has recorded the state in which we found the building, in an advanced state of decay, but with enormous charm and possibilities. These images will serve us as a reminder of this initial state of our work.
  • Sala Beckett Summer Workshop. This year, the Sala Beckett Theatre will hold its annual international summer workshop at its future home, the Cooperativa Paz y Justícia in Poble Nou. This will be the first step of Sala Beckett team in the re-use of the building, as a way to occupy the place and to know more about its neighbourhood and the character of the building before starting the construction of the project.
  • Film Meeting at the Building. The documentary film by 15L Films, which registers one day at the Building 111 in Terrassa, is shortlisted by the cultural platform Nómade for the Screen 2013. Meeting… is shown at the session Urbanism. Borders, boundaries and other divisions, with another four films which share the problem of limit in relation to urban space.
  • Urban Islands Workshop. Flores & Prats invited as Studio Leaders for the 2013 edition, in Cockatoo Island, Sydney. July 8 – 20 / 2013. Urban Islands is an independent cross university program that brings renowned architectural practitioners from around the world to Sydney's Cockatoo Island. Guest tutors each run an intensive 12 day workshop about Cockatoo. Through processes of inhabitation and insinuation, each studio will question the nature of place making in an increasingly mediated world.
  • A book on the Innovation Campus Microsoft Italia is edited by Editorial SKIRA. The book called Innovation Campus - Un luogo oltre l’immaginario. La nuova sede di Microsoft Italia, recounts the construction process of the new headquarters of Microsoft in the outskirts of Milan, a project which seeks to connect the interests of the developer and the international digital company with the local agricultural landscape. Curated by Italian critic Fortunato D’Amico, contains drawings, models and photographs of the whole design and construction process to allow to understand such a singular experience. The edition is bilingual, English and Italian, and belongs to the serie by Skira Architettura. Monografie. With critical essays by Alessandra Coppa, Cristian Vitali, Flores & Prats, Luca Molinari and Pietro Scott Jovane.
  • 25th April 2013. The Building 111 in Terrassa, featured today at the Hong Kong online magazine Gooood!
  • 20th April 2013. The Mills Museum in Palma de Mallorca, featured today at the online archzine AFASIA.
  • 19th April 2013. Lecture at the Master in Collective Housing of the Universitat Politècnica de Madrid. Under the name of
    Public Spaces and Housing
    , the talk addressed the importance of public space when defining the built environment of public housing, as a double subject that goes always together in the design process.
  • Eva Prats, member of the jury for the prestigious
    FAD Awards
    , in the 2013. The jury will judge on four categories: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape and Ephemeral Interventions.
  • Building 111. See new photographs of the building after sixteen months of being occupied by its neighbours. Photographer Àlex García visits the building and shoots scenes of neighbours in their everyday activities.
  • 12th March 2013. The Argentinean Magazine PLOT features Building 111 in its new issue. Includes images of the construction process, technical drawings and details, and photographs of the post-occupancy state by Adrià Goula. With a critical essay by Anna Font.
  • The film Meeting at the Building, which shows one summer day at the 111 Building, is selected to participate at the 5th Budapest Architecture Film Days, 28th February to 3rd of March 2013, Toldi Cinema Budapest.
  • 19th February 2013. Lecture at the FORO Esarq lectures series, Barcelona. The
    lecture called Conferencia de Bolsillo
    focuses on the most recent projects of the office, the ones just completed, the ones under construction and those in project.
  • A three day workshop in Mexico DF: This architectural workshop was an invitation to Flores & Prats as a part of the Master Program in Social Housing, collaboration between the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, the Universidad Iberoamericana and Arquine Mexico. The workshop took place in the Universidad Iberoamericana from 1st to 3rd of February 2013, and the students were young architects from DF and other cities of this country.
  • Interview with Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores during their recent visit to Mexico City, in relation to an international competition in social housing. The interview takes place at one of the mythical social housing complexes in Mexico City, the CUPA (Centro Urbano Presidente Alemany), at the house of Architect Juan Carlos Tello, who has lived in the building for a long time.
  • Interview with Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores on Mexican Radio Program La Hora Arquine, of Radio Arquitectura, directed by Andrea Griborio, produced by Fabián Del Valle. The interview, of one hour, took place during the visit of Eva and Ricardo to Mexico City, to teach a workshop in architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana.
  • 6th February 2013. TV Programme Connexió Barcelona of National Channel BTV makes a LIVE connection to the exhibition ‘Portable Memories: Luggage for a young architect’ at Vinçon Barcelona.
  • 31st January 2013.
    Lecture at Arquine, México
    . The lecture, called La Dimension Social de la Vivienda, focuses on the 111 Building.
  • Performances at the Exhibition Portable Memories in Vinçon Barcelona.
    On Saturdays 19th and 26th January, Joan Sanz, Glòria Saus, Magda Barceló, Pilar Sanchez, Marc Casanovas, Fran Hernández and Albert Guerra, authors of the exhibited containers, performed how to open them and how to manipulate the information kept inside them.
  • Portable Memories: Luggage for a young architect: The exhibition shows the working material produced during a final thesis year, collected and stored by each of the students in a big container, designed in relation with the project that keeps inside. It is not about simple boxes, but containers of thoughts and knowledge that have been picked along the academic year and that cannot be forgotten. These containers accumulate documents of different nature: maps, drawings, collages, sketches, models, writings, and books. When being opened and actioned by its authors, the sequence of appearance of the different documents matches the narration, being a scenographic help to represent what is happening…
    From 17th January until 9th February 2013, at Sala Vinçon, Barcelona.
  • The social dimension of collective buildings. A two weeks workshop, run both in Barcelona and Copenhagen, analyzing and reflecting on the topic of building community. The aim of the workshop was to study how different aspects of living in community manifest or apply differently depending on the culture and on the latitude where the work is located. Organized by The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Copenhagen, 1st to 12th January 2013.
  • Presentation of the film Meeting at the building, directed by Carlota Coloma and Adrià Lahuerta, shot at 111 Building by Flores & Prats, after one year of occupation by the neighbours. The projection of the film finishes with a debate on post-occupation experiences in social housing (Monday 17th December, at the auditorium of FAD, Barcelona).
  • 19th to 23rd of November 2012: Flores & Prats assist as lecturers at the XVIII edition of the Bienal de Quito, BAQ 2012, Ecuador. Ricardo Flores also acts as member of the jury for the Gold Medal Award of the Bienal.
  • 21st November 2012.
    Lecture at XVIII Bienal de Quito, Ecuador
    . The lecture La Dimensión Social de la Vivienda is on the third day of the Bienal, under the general topic of ‘Human Being’.
  • 19th November 2012.
    Lecture at the School of Architecture ETSAB of Barcelona
    . The lecture called La Dimensión Social de la Vivienda focuses on the housing project 111 Building and its process of Post-Occupation by neighbours.
  • A reality show on Italian TV, The Apprentice, with Flavio Briatore as main character, uses the Microsoft Campus in Milan, of Flores & Prats, for filming the show. The subject of the show is to select an assistant for Briatore; the candidates that compete arrive to the big final for interview, using the Microsoft Campus as location.
  • 26th September 2012.
    Lecture to students of Cátedra Cerámica
    , of the school of architecture ESARQ in Barcelona. The students and professors chose to visit office and talk about several projects there.
  • 20th September 2012.
    Lecture at CREA
    (Congreso Rosarino de Estudiantes de Arquitectura). Rosario, Argentina. Organized by students of architecture of the National University of Rosario.
  • 5th and 6th September 2012. Shooting of the Film Meeting at the Building, at 111 Building in Terrassa. The directors of the film, Adrià Lahuerta and Carlota Coloma take two intense days to register and shoot on site, surrounded by neighbours of the building and helped by staff from Flores & Prats’ office.
  • 4th September 2012. TV Programme Connexió Barcelona of National Channel BTV shows the project House in a Suitcase, with Eva Prats explaining the project.
  • See a complete video of several interviews to the neighbours at the Building 111. This video is part of a Post-Occupation Workshop at the Master program “Laboratorio de la Vivienda” at ETSAB-UPC-, in which the students put questions to the neighbours who live in the building, regarding subjects like the communal central courtyard, the open kitchen and open layout of the flats, and other themes of the design of the building.
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