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  • 31st March 2015.
    Lecture in Kent State University, Florence

    Introduced by Paola Giaconia, Ricardo Flores has talked about Flores & Prats’ work. The lecture was addressed to students from USA which take an academic semester in Florence, under the guide of professors Paola Giaconia and Marco Brizzi among others.
  • 31st March 2015. “Cartas al constructor” (Letters to the builder) by Ricardo Flores, published in the last issue (Nº5) of ARQUIS magazine,
    dedicated to The Detail in Construction. In the writing, Ricardo talks about how of the constructive detail drawings become sometimes like personal letters to the builder, without which the comprehension between designers and builders couldn't be possible in any way. This issue of the magazine of Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires has been directed by architects Roberto Busnelli and Daniel Silberfaden, and contains also articles by Francisco Aires Mateus, Taku Sakaushi, Adrián Luchini, Diego Arraigada, Lucio Morini and Angelo Bucci, among others.
  • Architecture and life in three times. Workshop, 8th April to 10th May 2015.
    Flores & Prats have been invited to run an architecture workshop in the industrial settlement Palo Alto, in the neighbourhood of Poble nou, Barcelona. The workshop will be part of one thematic seen from different disciplines. Besides the architecture workshop, another workshop will be run by Jordi Bernadó, Artist and Photographer, giving the point of view of the photography. A series of four lectures will complement these two workshops, giving the points of view of critics and professors of architecture and aesthetics, such as Marta Llorente, Iñaki Ábalos, Martí Peran and Eloy Fernández Porta. The program is ideated and directed by Ricardo Devesa, and organized by the Institut d'Humanitats de Barcelona together with the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona in collaboration with the ETSA of Barcelona.
  • 17th March 2015. Quan l'arquitectura estima els detalls: The work of Flores & Prats and their monograph book PENSADO A MANO, featured in ARA Newspaper.
    Under the title Quan l'arquitectura estima els detalls (When architecture loves the details), journalist Catalina Serra writes about the book PENSADO A MANO / THOUGHT BY HAND and also introduces some of the studio projects such as the Pius XII Square in Sant Adrià del Besòs or the future Sala Beckett in Poblenou.
  • 9th March 2015.
    Mextrópoli 2015. Master lecture and roundtable.

    This morning we have lectured in the first session of lectures of the Festival Mextrópoli 2015. In the same session there was the lecture of Saskia Sassen, Richard Sennett, Pedro Gadanho and Dominique Perrault. Our lecture was concentrated in the public dimension of our work, focused in two projects: the Pius XII square in Barcelona, as an example of participatory process in design, and the 111 Building, as an example of a project which seeks to create a community among the new neighbours that will live in this housing project. In the afternoon we took part in a roundtable about housing.
  • 7th and 8th March 2015. Mextrópoli. Workshop: PENSADO A MANO / THOUGHT BY HAND.
    This weekend we have been directing a workshop about housing together with Infonavit. We have sought to obtain various proposals on integration of housing (private space) with their immediate environment (public space), following the working methodology of our studio. These proposals have been applied to a case study in the Metropolitan area in the Valle de Mexico, so that they could have a real base and significance beyond the paper.
  • 6th March 2015. Mextrópoli. First day of the International Festival on Architecture and the City.
    Today Eva and Ricardo presented PENSADO A MANO / THOUGHT BY HAND at the auditorium of the Centro Cultural de España, together with the book’s editor Miquel Adrià, and invited critics the Mexican architects Juan Carlos Tello and Ernesto Betancourt. At the end of the presentation, two chocolate replicas of the book, one of the English version -dark chocolate- and one of the Spanish version -milk chocolate- were offered among the assistants. The book was on sale for those who wanted to buy it at the vestibule of the auditorium.
  • 5th March 2015. PENSADO A MANO / THOUGHT BY HAND Lecture at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico, to present the recently published monograph and lecture about the work of the studio.
  • 1st March 2015. Flores&Prats, Arquitectos de papel: The work of Flores & Prats and their monograph book PENSADO A MANO, featured in the Catalan edition of ABC Newspaper.
    Journalist Maria Güell writes an extensive article entitled Flores&Prats, Arquitectos de papel (Flores & Prats, Architects of paper) focusing her writing in some of the works of the office as part of the new book PENSADO A MANO / THOUGHT BY HAND. Maria Güell also mentions Ricardo and Eva's background at Architect Enric Miralles' office, relating this to the quality and character of their work.
  • 19th February 2015. Generación post-Miralles. Flores & Prats and their monograph book PENSADO A MANO, featured in the special issue Tendències of El Mundo Newspaper.
    Following the presentation of the book in Nivell Zero of the Sunyol Foundation, Barcelona (9th February), journalist Vanessa Graell writes an extensive article about the work of Flores & Prats and its recent monograph book. The article, entitled
    Generación post-Miralles
    (Post-Miralles Generation) speaks about the different approaches of this studio to design, and also introduces the book PENSADO A MANO / THOUGHT BY HAND, emphasizing the hand-mind relation, which she finds so present in the book and that, in her opinion, condenses the creative world of Flores & Prats. She considers the monograph "not as a book of architecture, but that mixes art, design, philosophy, poetry, urbanism, photography... as in the architects' studio itself. In fact, Thought by Hand would become their portable studio, in two dimensions..."
  • 15th February 2015. Arquine features the book PENSADO A MANO / THOUGHT BY HAND on its blog, reproducing the article by Miquel Adrià which introduces the book. To illustrate the article, Arquine has chosen the recently presented Teaser of the book produced by 15-L. FILMS / Adrià Lahuerta and Carlota Coloma. In the article, Arquine also announces that Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats will participate next March in the Festival of Architecture and City Mextrópoli, and will present there their monograph book.
  • 12th February 2015. PENSADO A MANO / THOUGHT BY HAND featured in Metalocus online magazine. The article includes images of the interior pages of the book, opened in pairs, showing the diversity of design in its edition.
  • 10th February 2015. A 30 seconds teaser to present the book PENSADO A MANO / THOUGHT BY HAND , filmed and edited by the Barcelona based filmmakers 15-L. FILMS.
    In October 2014, Adrià Lahuerta and Carlota Coloma imagined a way to show and present the material and projects included in this new monographic book: to film along 3 continuous days the everyday activity on the tables of this studio, with the intention to show the process of making things, the way of working of this atelier. To achieve this, the filmmakers proposed Eva and Ricardo to wear a Go-Pro camera to each other's chests so that while working they were at the same time registering what happened on the tables in front of them. Moving through the rooms of the studio, Eva and Ricardo show the different actions that take place on tables: model making and drawings of several projects developed at the same time. Now that the material is edited, 15-L FILMS present a short version in the form of a Teaser (30 seconds), and present it to the public, as an advanced version of the complete one, to come soon.
  • 9th February 2015. Launching of the book PENSADO A MANO / THOUGHT BY HAND in Nivell Zero, Fundació Sunyol, Barcelona.
    Miquel Adrià, Editor of Arquine; Juan José Lahuerta, Head of Exhibitions of MNAC; and the Architects Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores, have presented today in Nivell Zero of the Sunyol Foundation.
  • 1st February 2015. Study trip to Copenhagen with our fifth year students from the ETSA Barcelona.
    This trip intends to introduce students to projects that have the same program as the one they are focusing on in their exercise: housing that produces community. The study trip lasted four complete days.
  • 20th January 2015.
    Students of the Design Studio Housing and Rehabilitation at ETSA Barcelona had today their midterm presentations.
  • December 2014. THOUGHT BY HAND / PENSADO A MANO, recommended in Blog Ve-redes.
    The first monographic book about Flores & Prats’ work, published and edited by Arquine México, is a recommended publication in this blog, focused on architecture.
  • December 2014. THOUGHT BY HAND / PENSADO A MANO: The book is here!
    The first monographic on Flores & Prats’ work, published and edited by Editorial Arquine, which includes 15 years of studio work, is finally out. The book sprang from an invitation by Arquine publisher in México. It collects the studio’s work in different fields such as restoration, social housing, public space, neighbour’s participation and university workshops, all of them shown from a process material that allows taking part in its evolution.
  • November 2014. Eva Prats Professor of Architecture / Urbanism at RMIT.
    Eva Prats has been appointed new professor of Architecture / Urbanism at RMIT - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, at Barcelona campus. The professorship is directed to the new
    Master of Urban Design in Barcelona
    , an initiative to establish a global program that will work with specificity of design responses to urban situations. The program will be developed in the 3 different urban contexts - Barcelona (Spain), Melbourne (Australia) and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), cities where RMIT has a campus. The role of Eva Prats will be that of establishing the new planning and strategic direction of the School at the Barcelona Campus in the field of Urban Design.
  • November 2014. Mies van de Rohe Award Nomination.
    The Cultural Centre Casal Balaguer in Palma de Mallorca, nominated to
    the “EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award” 2015
    . The prize is granted every two years to acknowledge and reward quality architectural production in Europe. The prize objectives aim to recognise and commend excellence in the field of architecture and to draw attention to the important contribution of European professionals in the development of new concepts and technologies.
  • 13th November 2014. Lecture Series: Grafting Architecture.
    The lecture took place in the Catalan Architects’ Association in Tarragona
    , as part of the lecture series ‘Grafting Architecture’, around the Catalan pavilion presented this year at the Biennale di Venezia. Along with architect David Closes which lectured about his project Sant Francesc Church in Manresa, Ricardo Flores presented the Casal Balaguer Cultural Centre in Palma de Mallorca, project featured at the Catalan Pavilion.
  • November 2014. THOUGHT BY HAND / PENSADO A MANO Book.
    This is a short trailer focused on the recent monograph book on the work of Flores & Prats, edited by Arquine México. In just 30 seconds, this video gives a glimpse of the content of the book: translation from drawing to building through handmade documents.
  • 11th November 2014.
    Lecture at Istituto Europeo di Design
    , within the 2nd year Design Studio.
  • Flores & Prats lecture ‘Edible Architecture’.
    Last 6th of November, the Catalan Architects’ Association in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Barcelona, organized a dinner-lecture with Flores & Prats. Eva and Ricardo called the lecture
    ‘Edible Architecture’
    , and talked about the use of food to help to explain their work to the general public, specially related to exhibitions in Spain and abroad. The lecture took place while dining in Hotel Muntaner 505.
  • 30th October 2014. Flores & Prats at the Review Sessions at University of Queensland.
    Great projects
    from first year’s students from the University of Queensland
    in Brisbane where we participated in the Review Session, and a very fun, engaging and critical jury with Sandra Kaji-O’Grady, John de Manincor, Kevin Low, Pedro Guedes and Kim Baber.
  • 29th October 2014. On the air in Melbourne.
    Eva Prats interviewed on
    Triple R - Melbourne Independent Radio
    , 102.7FM Australia by Simon Knott, Stuart Harrison and Christine Phillip.
  • Flores & Prats at the Australian symposium Affirmative Architecture.
    Eva and Ricardo gave a lecture called ‘Meeting at the Building’ on October 28th in Brisbane as part of the
    Affirmative Architecture Symposium
    . Affirmative Architecture has been conceived as an annual event that seeks to define an emergent trend amongst young architects and designers to re-engage with the ability of architecture to make life better.
  • Flores & Prats interviewed by Martyn Hook for Architecture AU.
    Eva and Ricardo talked to Martyn Hook for Architecture AU magazine, ahead of their appearance in Brisbane at the symposium Affirmative Architecture 2014. The interview approaches themes such as the studio's working method, the Building 111 project and the office's interest in social housing and its capacity in creating neighbourhoods.
  • Film Meeting at the Building screened at Shortcutz Xpress Viseu Festival.
    The documentary film Meeting at the Building, based on Flores & Prats' 111 Building, directed by Adrià Lahuerta and Carlota Coloma /15-L Films, was projected in
    Shortcutz Xpress Viseu Festival
    , Portugal, in the 36th session at “Só Sabão”. Photo by Luís Belo.
  • 23rd October 2014. Collaboration with artist MIRALDA and Food Cultura Foundation in La Boqueria Market.
    Presentation in Barcelona La Boquería Market of the project for the future Food Cultura stall, with the artist MIRALDA, in occasion of the World Food Day. The presentation consisted in a small show at the future stall space, with a model of the future project and an offer of stamps of ‘St Stomak’, patron of the digestion, to the visitors and friends around the market.
  • 17th October 2014. Flores & Prats at Biennale Sessions in Venice.
    Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores lecture in the colloquium “Disciplining Modernity”, part of the Biennale Sessions organized by the Iowa State University in response to the Biennale's theme "Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014". The colloquium took place at the Sale d'Armi of the Arsenale, Biennale di Venezia, and along with Eva and Ricardo there were lectures of OMA's Reinier de Graaf, as well as IOWA State Alumni Jeffrey Morgan, Nora Wendl & Eric Smith.
  • 14th October 2014. Sala Beckett Press Conference.
    The project for the new Theatre and International Drama Centre Sala Beckett in Barcelona was presented to journalists and general public in a press conference, with the participation of architects Flores & Prats, the director of Sala Beckett Toni Casares, and representatives of Barcelona city council and medias.
  • 11th October 2014. Film “Meeting at the building” at Cinetekton Film Fest.
    The documentary film, based on the 111 Building, is screened at the
    Cinetekton Film Fest
    in the city of Puebla, Mexico, during the Film and Architecture Festival.
  • 7th October 2014. Exhibition: Trace. Drawing for explaining.
    Today Eva Prats participated in the Press Conference of the opening of the exhibition Trace..., inaugurated in the Arts Centre Santa Mònica of Barcelona. The Press Conference was held in the exhibition hall of Cercle Sant Lluc, where the chalk drawing of an studiolo was made on the wall. The exhibition in Santa Mònica shows the video and images of the performative lecture made some weeks ago by Ricardo and Eva in the Centre Artístic Sant Lluc. You can see an article about the exhibition on Núvol digital cultural magazine.
  • Palau Balaguer in Gizmo.
    The article by Massimo Munari appears in the Gizmo collective's online magazine, which deals with history and critic of architecture. The future Cultural Centre Palau Balaguer appears within the Grafting Architecture context, after explaining the connecting thread between the projects selected.
  • 18th September 2014. Flores & Prats Performative Lecture at Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc.
    Eva and Ricardo drew a lecture in a big wall to explain a small project thought especially for this place: a Studiolo for the Cercle Sant Lluc. A drawn conference, called Drawing for Explaning, part of the lecture series Trace. Drawing as a knowledge tool, curated by Óscar Guayabero.
  • Palau Balaguer in Doppiozero.
    L’architettura in Spagna: innesto o interno? / The architecture in Spain: grafting or interior? The article in Doppiozero online magazine by Massimo Munari compares the Catalan Exhibition with the Spanish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale this year and talks about the Panel-Cabinet of Palau Balaguer as an example of the architectural processes that keep an artisanal character within them.
  • 8th September 2014. The future Theatre Sala Beckett in the newspaper Ara.
    The article by Juan Carlos Olivares The ghosts wait for the opening of the new Sala Beckett, goes around the intrinsic quality of the spaces filled with history, gained through time and carefully preserved in the future Sala Beckett. (whose last construction stage was preceded by the careful restoration of some of the spaces, a temporary facelift before its final transformation.)
  • 8th September 2014. Miralda's Memory Vase in the Nonument Exhibition at MACBA.
    From today until the 8th of February, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona will be hosting the exhibition Nonument, including the competition submission “La Olla de la Memoria”, done by the artist Miralda in collaboration with Flores & Prats. The exhibition, part of the celebration events of the Tricentenari, looks critically into the notion of monument, its symbolic and political implications, as well as the conflictive relationships between happening, commemoration and public space. The piece displayed by Miralda, his proposal for this historic commemoration, is a huge vase which could host inside a round table where to meet, eat and celebrate in the Ciutadella Park in Barcelona.
  • Casal Balaguer in Dezeen magazine.
    The online publication features the article Baroque palace renovated to create Casal Balaguer Cultural Centre, and talks about the studio's interest in this grafting architecture.
  • Palau Balaguer featured in the blog of the architectural magazine Plot.
    The article describes the design process as the geometrical transformation of materials and dimensions, and looks into the search for continuity with the original construction presenting pictures, drawings and sketches to support it.
  • Cultural Centre Palau Balaguer in the blog Plataforma Arquitectura.
    The architecture blog presents the building through construction drawings, sketches, photos of the models and pictures after the second construction stage. Photos by Adrià Goula.
  • 15th July 2014. Theatre Sala Beckett published in Q9magazine.
    The article explains a visit to the future Theatre Sala Beckett with Flores & Prats. It highlights the intention of preserving the character of the former building, the Cooperativa Pau i Justìcia, through the restoration of existing elements to keep its essence and bring back the memory of a place filled with vitality and new uses for both the neighbourhood and the Catalan theatre scene.
  • 19th June 2014. Palau Balaguer featured in Metalocus.
    The article presents technical documents like drawings, sketches and pictures, but also looks into
    the Panel-Cabinet
    we presented in the Venice Biennale within the Grafting Architecture exhibition, explaining the thoughts behind it.
  • Palau Balaguer in Architizer.
    The future Cultural Centre Palau Balaguer is presented through hand drawings, plans, sections, axonometric views and pictures of the current state of the building. Photos by Adrià Goula.
  • Grafting Architecture appears on TV3 Evening News.
    The news features the Panel-Cabinet containing the Palau Balaguer Project, and explains how the contemporary architecture examples in the exhibition include new and pre-existing elements, a sign of identity in Catalan architecture.
  • 6th June 2014. Grafting Architecture published in the newspaper Ara.
    The article by Antoni Ribas highlights our proposal for avoiding a traditional presentation and uses our Panel-Cabinet to illustrate the article
    Catalonia at Venice: The radicalism and joy of Jujol in the XXI century
    . Photo by M. A. Aguiló.
  • 5th June 2014. Grafting Architecture: Opening of the exhibition.
    The Catalan Pavilion at the Biennale di Venezia has been officially opened to the public. You can see
    Palau Balaguer
    as part of the selected works for this exhibition, which seeks to elucidate the changes taking place in contemporary Catalan architecture, presenting examples of a way of going about things that is able to update a living tradition, projecting it towards the future.
  • Venice Biennale Panel-Cabinet.
    “The closet is a good metaphor of the Palau Balaguer, a building which is also in a way a container of time. Having grown over the centuries, it has been able to contain successive lives and countless changes over time, absorbing and noting through traces and scars the different actions on it.” Presentation of the Cabinet-Panel for the Grafting Architecture Pavilion of the Biennale di Venezia. The photos inside the panel are by Adrià Goula.
  • Making of the Venice Biennale Panel-Cabinet.
    As the main theme of the Catalan pavilion is about process and the way of developing architecture, the design of the panel focused on displaying intermediate process material of the Palau Balaguer project, with chipboard and balsa wood models produced at the studio of the several stages of its evolution. The design of the panel comes out of an actual wardrobe of the office, containing models, drawings and photographs from the several phases collected through the years.
  • 31st May 2014. “Meeting at the Building” screening in Terrassa.
    The documentary short film based on the 111 Building,
    was shown at the Civic Centre Montserrat in Terrassa, Barcelona
    to the neighbours of Torresana. This was an opportunity to discuss with them some aspects of the building and to hear their reactions both to the film and to the building itself.
  • 27th May 2014. Eva Prats interviewed in IB3 Ràdio.
    The conversation revolved around the Palau Balaguer in Palma de Mallorca and its inclusion in the Catalan proposal for the Venice Biennale. The interview focused on the building's renovation stages and the future uses that will be added to the city of Palma's cultural offer.
  • 22nd May 2014. Palau Balaguer in ArchDaily.
    The post includes photos of the project made after the second construction phase, drawings and pictures of the model.
  • 20th May 2014. Palau Balaguer featured in the newspaper Diario de Mallorca.
    In relation to its participation in the Biennale di Venezia, the article highlights the opportunity of being showcased in the international panorama and gives details about the third and last phase of construction of the building, waiting to be started.
  • Eva Prats, part of the jury of
    Altres Pessebres competition

    Altres Pessebres is an alternative competition of Nativities directed to architects, artists, designers, and creators to make a new interpretation of the idea of the subject.
  • 19th May 2014. Palau Balaguer in Gooood.
    The project is featured in the Beijing based online magazine, showing photos of the current state of the works and plans and models of the project.
  • 19th May 2014. “Meeting at the building” at Short Film Festival Madrid. The documentary based on the 111 Building, will be screened at the Short Film Week Madrid at the Architects Association of Madrid (COAM) within the film series Architecture in Short. As part of the program, besides the projection of the film, there will be a talk and a round table including other film directors and producers.
  • 12th May 2014. Palau Balaguer selected for the Biennale di Venezia.
    The project will be part of the exhibition Grafting Architecture, presented in the Catalan Pavilion. This time the biennale, curated by Rem Koolhaas, will last 6 months from the 7th of June to the 23rd of November, and the Catalan Pavilion will be part of the collateral events, occupying a former shipyard located at Cantieri Navali, Calle Quintavalle, Castello 40. San Pietro di Castello, Venezia.
  • 28th April 2014. Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores are interviewed by Gabriela Zea for Barcelonogy.
    The online magazine explores the various identities that make Barcelona what it is through the eyes of different characters that have a deep interest and involvement in what happens in the city. This series of interviews starts with a visit to the studio with observations and glimpses of our view of the city, leading to a visit to Theatre Sala Beckett.
  • 9th April 2014. Eva Prats lecture at Arizona State University, Phoenix, in the Design School Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. The lecture “
    Drawing Without Erasing — Keeping the process in sight
    ”, is part of the lecture series around the architectonic and pedagogical activity of Enric Miralles: Conversations | Allusions.
  • Recipientes y Escaleras / Containers and Ladders, an article by Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats has been published in the magazine Engawa #15. It revolves around their research on light and circulation, stairs as containers of light in their practice.
  • Visit to 111 Building with ETSA Valencia students.
    On Friday 28th of February we organized a visit to the 111 Building in Terrassa with students from Professors José Luís Alapont and Antonio Peña Design Studios from the
    Architecture School of Valencia
  • Visit to Palau Balaguer in Palma.
    Flores & Prats have visited Palau Balaguer with the students and professors of the third year design studio from the Architecture School of Barcelona (ETSAB) this February in Palma de Mallorca, as part of a study trip throughout the island. Photos by Sergi Jimenez and Robert Zaera.
  • Adrià Goula in Trafalgar 12.
    Last week Adrià Goula, photographer and architect, came to our office to capture the different patterns of our studio’s tiled floors, and also to portray the most recent model of the new Theatre Sala Beckett in Barcelona.
  • 8th February 2014. Flores & Prats featured in the special issue S Moda of El País.
    In this Saturday's edition of the magazine, the article Mensajes Utópicos en la Calle / Utopian Messages in the Street, talked about Flores & Prats social approach to architecture while announcing Le Corbusier's exhibition in Barcelona and Madrid.
  • Flores & Prats are now on Instagram.
    Follow us @floresyprats for an inside view our working process and the studio's everyday life, and to be updated with the highlights of our practice.
  • 22nd January 2014. Ricardo Flores interviewed by the online magazine Plataforma Arquitectura.
    The interview digs into relevant subjects like Flores & Prats’s global view on architecture and asks about the role architects should have in society, with Ricardo replying through the studio's interest in the social dimension of architecture, social housing and the development of a community feeling within the dwellers. They also talk about the importance of innovation for the studio and about the advice he would give to someone that seeks to pursue architecture studies, making a link with future generations.
  • Visit to 111 Building with students of ULPGC.
    The visit to the building took place last 28th of January, with around 50 students from Professor Manolo Feo's Design Studio from the Universidad Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The group was in Barcelona to visit this and other examples of public housing buildings.
  • Flores & Prats are now on Twitter.
    Follow us @FloresyPrats for a summary of the latest news, updates and events related to the studio's work and projects.
  • 17th January 2014.
    Cineforum Q9 at Moritz
    . Cineforum Q9 at Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona
    with Flores & Prats and 15-L Films. Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats introduced the Building 111 and afterwards the documentary "Meeting at the Building", directed by Carlota Coloma and Adrià Lahuerta was shown. There was a short conversation about the short film and the building, followed by an open debate with the audience.
  • Xmas 2013. Mexican pesebre with Danish snow.
    This year we had lots of Mexico insights combined with busy days in Copenhagen. Our Nativity mixes memories of both places: a folding Mexican Pesebre with the Änglaspel of Danish Snow.
  • “Keep in contact after the work”.
    This week came out an interview on, on the page dedicated to Architecture, about the post-occupancy experience of the Michelin building. It also uploaded a premiere of the film Meeting at the Building for the Argentinean audience.
  • 18th November 2013. Torresana. Teamwork. Lecture of Eva Prats at ETSAB.
    The lecture was focused on explaining the teamwork proposed by Manuel de Solá Morales in
    the development of the new neighborhood in Torresana, Terrassa
    , until the definition of a particular case of this ensamble: the Building 111. Monday 18th November at 11:30AM, at the Conference hall of the Architecture School of Barcelona (ETSAB).
  • Eva Prats presented Building 111 at the International Congress of Environmental Psychology...
    in the Agora of Post-occupancy Assessment:
    Urban and Architectural Hybridity and Social Interaction
    held in CosmoCaixa, Barcelona on October 24th.
    With the participation of Lídia Guillén (Architect of Ajuntament de Terrassa), Héctor Berroeta (Universidad of Valparaíso), Isabel Duque (Universidad Nacional of Colombia), Perla Sefarty-Garzón (Universidad of Montreal) and Zaida Muxí (Universidad Politécnica of Catalunya) and Maria Rosa Bonet (Universitat of Barcelona).
  • 28th October 2013. Flores & Prats, featured today at the blog of Arquine magazine...
    with an article by Andrea Griborio about the
    interview with Ricardo Flores
    talking about the social dimension of architecture and Meeting at the Building, the award-winning documentary on the Building 111.
  • 23rd of October. Flores & Prats invited to the XXII International Symposium of Architecture in Monterrey, México.
    Ricardo Flores gave a lecture during the symposium ‘Towards the construction of social change’
    . The world is changing... Society wants an architecture that comes from common sense, that solves social needs, generates communities, improves the social fabric and works for the community and not the individuals. Dwelling, public space, mobility, infrastructure and methods of architectural production should be done to improve the cities’ basic qualities.
    Photos by Jó Woo.
  • 21st October 2013. Radio interview with Ricardo Flores.
    On the Mexican Radio Program La Hora Arquine by
    Radio Arquitectura
    , talking about Building 111 and coming closer to the community that inhabits the building.
  • 21st October 2013. Sobretaules #5: Theatre, Theatres, Learning, Making Architecture.
    A discussion about theater
    in the Architecture School of Barcelona (ETSAB) with Joan Casas (Playwright and Professor of Theatre), Eva Prats ( Professor at ETSAB and Architect of the New Sala Beckett Theatre), Iván Alcázar (theater critic and part of The Observatori d'Espais Escènics) and Toni Ramon (Professor at ETSAB and of The Observatori d’Espais Escènics).
  • 20th October 2013. Meeting at the Building, the film on the 111 Building by Flores & Prats,
    wins the Prize to the
    Best Documentary Short Film at the Arquitectura Film Festival de Chile
    . With a selection of 117 fiction and documentary films, the event invited hundreds of spectators to think about the challenges and opportunities of the city life.
  • 17th October 2013. Suppeopskrift!
    In occasion of the 7th Festival “Soups of the World”, to take place in Torresana, Terrassa, the Building 111 — better known in the neighbourhood as Michelin Building — will participate in cooking a soup during the festival. Since the building is now doing an exhibition in Copenhagen - Denmark, we have chosen a Danish recipe: Suppeopskrift. Thanks to Anne Hansen for the recipe and to Lidia for cooking it.
  • 14th October 2013. FLORES & PRATS in Quaderns Digital, featuring a very nice article by Frans Drewniak: “The passion for architecture and people is present in the two Copenhagen exhibitions by Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores... The result of this collaboration is two unique exhibitions not to be missed if you are interested in architecture as a framework for the meeting between people.”
  • 8th October 2013. Students of Final Thesis Studio win Awards in the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism.
    Magda Barceló Sanso and Joan Sanz Oliver, Final Project students of the group Flores & Prats from ESARQ-UIC 2012, have recently been awarded First Prize and Selected Project, respectively, among the proposals submitted to the XII Spanish Biennial 2012. These two students are to be added to María Amat Busquets, also a student of our group in 2010 and awarded First Prize in the XI Spanish Biennial 2011.
  • 26th September 2013. We are back in Copenhagen...
    to introduce the exhibition
    Meeting at the Building at the Forming Welfare International Symposium
    , with Doina Petrescu, Kjetil Thorsen, Alejandro Aravena, Marco Steinberg and Gosta Esping. The 111 Building as a built manifesto into an international discussion on the actual social housing and welfare scenario.
  • Meeting at the Building Exhibition in Copenhagen.
    How can you build communities that people will want to both live and meet in? 
A new exhibition shows the results of the collaboration between the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhague and Flores & Prats. 
For the first time, the Exhibition Hall Meldahls Smedie dedicates its 730 square meters to display only one project. This monographic exhibition on the 111 Building shows the whole process of design, construction and post-occupancy of this social housing building, in use since 2011.
  • Ingredients & Cakes Exhibition in Copenhagen. The exhibition shows projects by Flores & Prats along with an artwork by British artist Soraya Smithson.
    Discovering that this storefront was a former bakery, gave us the idea that the show could be accompanied by a production of biscuits and cakes, reproducing images and forms of the projects on display. This has been possible through the collaboration with the Catalan pastry Escribà. We also counted with the British artist Soraya Smithson for the design of the window-shop. The INGREDIENTS & CAKES exhibition is created in dialogue with the coinciding exhibition MEETING AT THE BUILDING which opens at the exhibition venue of the Royal Academy of Arts School of Architecture in Copenhagen.
  • Moving from Barcelona to Copenhagen for the Exhibition. The truck has left the studio with all the material for the double exhibition in Copenhagen. To collect, to order and to pack all the material for the double exhibitions transformed the office for a few weeks, converting it into a place where huge packages filled in every space. Once the enormous truck came to pick everything up, to bring it to Copenhagen, the office came back to normality, and it suddenly seemed that there was a lot of extra space to move around... Take a look at the process of packaging, moving and loading of the double trailer truck.
  • Edible architecture with Escribà. For the double exhibition in Copenhagen, and after knowing that the space occupied by the Leth & Gori Storefront has been once a bakery, we decided to offer at both openings biscuits and dough with the shape of the exhibited projects. This was a way to create a complicity with the visitors to the exhibitions, giving us an opportunity to socialize and to greet them while offering them the biscuits. In this way, the exhibition was not only for looking at projects, but for eating them too.
  • Design and painting of a Storefront in Copenhagen. For the exhibition Ingredients & Cakes in Copenhagen, we asked our friend the Bristish artist Soraya Smithson to design and produce the image of this exhibition towards the street. The Leth & Gori Storefront, where it would take place, has two enormous windows which are the actual image to what's exhibited inside. Soraya took the subject to be exhibited -four different projects of the office- and mixed these with the subject of edible architecture, present at the exhibition as well. These images and videos show the new window-shop specially designed for this storefront in occasion of the exhibition Ingredients & Cakes of works by Flores & Prats.
  • The making of the Copenhagen Biscuit Map. For illustrating the covers of the catalogue of the two exhibitions in Copenhagen, we asked our friend the artist Soraya Smithson to design map made out of biscuit, locating the two venues in this city. This biscuit map, designed and baked at her home kitchen in Stamford, England, measured two meters long by one meter wide. Fragments of the original map will be displayed at the Ingredients & Cakes exhibition. See here pictures of the making of this art piece, cooked specially for this occasion.
  • Video to explain the project of the exhibitions Meeting at the Building and Ingredients & Cakes in Copenhagen. The project and realisation of a double exhibition in Copenhagen with works of the office, to take place in September and October 2013, is explained in a video organized as a promenade through the city and the exhibition spaces. The video combines different kind of materials, from working models to fragments of interviews, approaching the Royal Danish Academy Hall where Meeting at the Building will take place, to jump to the Leth & Gori Storefront in the second place, to explain the Ingredients & Cakes exhibition project. This promenade intends to illustrate the distinct situation and character of both places: one in the harbour area where the school of architecture is located, and the other one right in the centre of the city, making evident that the two exhibitions connect two different areas of this town: university and city.
  • Catalogue for the Double Exhibition in Copenhagen. For the two exhibitions in Copenhagen we have designed and published one single catalogue, showing that both presented material from the studio and complemented each other. The catalogue explains the two exhibition projects, and at the same time the exhibited projects themselves. Therefore it serves as a guide for the exhibition but remains as a small publication of the office’s works. The process of design of the catalogue included assisting to the printer’s shop, controlling the images quality at the printing place.
  • Double Exhibition in Copenhagen. The office has been invited to show works and projects in two simultaneous exhibitions in the city of Copenhagen next autumn. One of them, called Meeting at the Building, will take place on the campus of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, a 730-square-meter space, presents one single project, 111 Building, in great detail. The other exhibition, called Ingredients & Cakes, will occupy a much smaller, 36-square-meter space, the Leth & Gori Storefront, a gallery run by an architecture firm. This will show four projects that had been forerunners to 111 and, in our view, served as a guide or inspiration for the latter. The design and production of the two exhibitions is being done at our office in Barcelona and then moved to Copenhagen.
  • Meeting on the Road. The film Meeting at the Building about the Building 111 in Terrassa continues its Festival Tournée.
  • VIII International Summer Workshop: Sala Beckett at Poble Nou. The 8th edition of the Summer Workshop has opened, with extensive international participation, the new space for the Sala Beckett Drama School at Poble Nou. This has been the first test for the future theatre project. Photos by Adrià Goula and Nani Pujol.
  • Urban Islands Workshop. All cities contain myriad disused sites, functionally vacant and culturally distinct. They exist within the urban fabric, though via disuse or disconnection, they exist distinct from that fabric. They are Urban Islands. Two-weeks intensive design studio working at Cockatoo Island in Sydney, with students of the Schools Architecture of Newcastle, RMIT Melbourne, UNSW Sydney and Sydney University.
  • 18th July 2013. Meeting at the Building. Lecture at the University of Sydney. The talk addressed the issue of social housing design, its capacity to generate a community among its inhabitants, and the research on how a building can work as a bridge between the house and the city.
  • 6th July 2013. Film Meeting at the Building Premiere in Australia. The film will be presented in Sydney, with a Premiere at Neeson Murcutt’s Office.
  • 11th July 2013. Rewind & Fast Forward. Lecture at the Queensland Chapter Auditorium, South Brisbane, Australia. “Interests do not appear in a chronological order. Their insistence makes them appear again and again in time within the most diverse programme, client or place”. The talk proposes a mental sequence of ideas to connect the non-specialized production of the office.
  • Film Meeting at the Building, was shown on Saturday 20th of July 2013 in Avilés, at the I International Festival of Cinema and Architecture FICARQ 2013, sharing the Closing Event of the Festival with a documentary on Sanaa's Rolex building.
  • New Sala Beckett. Stencils. Preparing the opening of “Obrador Internacional Sala Beckett” for the Summer Workshop. The works of rehabilitation of the former Cooperativa Paz y Justícia end by lettering the front facade and new access.
  • Phase One of New Sala Beckett Under Construction. The works to renovate and adapt the Cooperativa Paz y Justicia in Poble Nou to the activities of the Sala Beckett Theatre group have just started. They should be completed by beginning of July, to allow the Summer Workshop to happen. These photographs by Adrià Goula reflect the intermediate state of the transformation of the old building into a place to rehearse and learn theatre.
  • New Sala Beckett featured in the online archzine Arquitectura Beta.
  • New Sala Beckett at Poble Nou. The Catalan photographer Adrià Goula has been to the future home for the Sala Beckett Theatre team, the Cooperativa Paz y Justícia in Poble Nou, Barcelona. He has recorded the state in which we found the building, in an advanced state of decay, but with enormous charm and possibilities. These images will serve us as a reminder of this initial state of our work.
  • Sala Beckett Summer Workshop. This year, the Sala Beckett Theatre will hold its annual international summer workshop at its future home, the Cooperativa Paz y Justícia in Poble Nou. This will be the first step of Sala Beckett team in the re-use of the building, as a way to occupy the place and to know more about its neighbourhood and the character of the building before starting the construction of the project.
  • Film Meeting at the Building. The documentary film by 15L Films, which registers one day at the Building 111 in Terrassa, is shortlisted by the cultural platform Nómade for the Screen 2013. Meeting… is shown at the session Urbanism. Borders, boundaries and other divisions, with another four films which share the problem of limit in relation to urban space.
  • Urban Islands Workshop. Flores & Prats invited as Studio Leaders for the 2013 edition, in Cockatoo Island, Sydney. July 8 – 20 / 2013. Urban Islands is an independent cross university program that brings renowned architectural practitioners from around the world to Sydney's Cockatoo Island. Guest tutors each run an intensive 12 day workshop about Cockatoo. Through processes of inhabitation and insinuation, each studio will question the nature of place making in an increasingly mediated world.
  • A book on the Innovation Campus Microsoft Italia is edited by Editorial SKIRA. The book called Innovation Campus - Un luogo oltre l’immaginario. La nuova sede di Microsoft Italia, recounts the construction process of the new headquarters of Microsoft in the outskirts of Milan, a project which seeks to connect the interests of the developer and the international digital company with the local agricultural landscape. Curated by Italian critic Fortunato D’Amico, contains drawings, models and photographs of the whole design and construction process to allow to understand such a singular experience. The edition is bilingual, English and Italian, and belongs to the serie by Skira Architettura. Monografie. With critical essays by Alessandra Coppa, Cristian Vitali, Flores & Prats, Luca Molinari and Pietro Scott Jovane.
  • 25th April 2013. The Building 111 in Terrassa, featured today at the Hong Kong online magazine Gooood!
  • 20th April 2013. The Mills Museum in Palma de Mallorca, featured today at the online archzine AFASIA.
  • 19th April 2013. Lecture at the Master in Collective Housing of the Universitat Politècnica de Madrid. Under the name of
    Public Spaces and Housing
    , the talk addressed the importance of public space when defining the built environment of public housing, as a double subject that goes always together in the design process.
  • Eva Prats, member of the jury for the prestigious
    FAD Awards
    , in the 2013 edition. The jury will judge on four categories: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape and Ephemeral Interventions.
  • Building 111. See new photographs of the building after sixteen months of being occupied by its neighbours. Photographer Àlex García visits the building and shoots scenes of neighbours in their everyday activities.
  • 12th March 2013. The Argentinean Magazine PLOT features Building 111 in its new issue. Includes images of the construction process, technical drawings and details, and photographs of the post-occupancy state by Adrià Goula. With a critical essay by Anna Font.
  • The film Meeting at the Building, which shows one summer day at the 111 Building, is selected to participate at the 5th Budapest Architecture Film Days, 28th February to 3rd of March 2013, Toldi Cinema Budapest.
  • 19th February 2013. Lecture at the FORO Esarq lectures series, Barcelona. The
    lecture called Conferencia de Bolsillo
    focuses on the most recent projects of the office, the ones just completed, the ones under construction and those in project.
  • A three day workshop in Mexico DF: This architectural workshop was an invitation to Flores & Prats as a part of the Master Program in Social Housing, collaboration between the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, the Universidad Iberoamericana and Arquine Mexico. The workshop took place in the Universidad Iberoamericana from 1st to 3rd of February 2013, and the students were young architects from DF and other cities of this country.
  • Interview with Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores during their recent visit to Mexico City, in relation to an international competition in social housing. The interview takes place at one of the mythical social housing complexes in Mexico City, the CUPA (Centro Urbano Presidente Alemany), at the house of Architect Juan Carlos Tello, who has lived in the building for a long time.
  • Interview with Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores on Mexican Radio Program La Hora Arquine, of Radio Arquitectura, directed by Andrea Griborio, produced by Fabián Del Valle. The interview, of one hour, took place during the visit of Eva and Ricardo to Mexico City, to teach a workshop in architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana.
  • 6th February 2013. TV Programme Connexió Barcelona of National Channel BTV makes a LIVE connection to the exhibition ‘Portable Memories: Luggage for a young architect’ at Vinçon Barcelona.
  • 31st January 2013.
    Lecture at Arquine, México
    . The lecture, called La Dimension Social de la Vivienda, focuses on the 111 Building.
  • Performances at the Exhibition Portable Memories in Vinçon Barcelona.
    On Saturdays 19th and 26th January, Joan Sanz, Glòria Saus, Magda Barceló, Pilar Sanchez, Marc Casanovas, Fran Hernández and Albert Guerra, authors of the exhibited containers, performed how to open them and how to manipulate the information kept inside them.
  • Portable Memories: Luggage for a young architect: The exhibition shows the working material produced during a final thesis year, collected and stored by each of the students in a big container, designed in relation with the project that keeps inside. It is not about simple boxes, but containers of thoughts and knowledge that have been picked along the academic year and that cannot be forgotten. These containers accumulate documents of different nature: maps, drawings, collages, sketches, models, writings, and books. When being opened and actioned by its authors, the sequence of appearance of the different documents matches the narration, being a scenographic help to represent what is happening…
    From 17th January until 9th February 2013, at Sala Vinçon, Barcelona.
  • The social dimension of collective buildings. A two weeks workshop, run both in Barcelona and Copenhagen, analyzing and reflecting on the topic of building community. The aim of the workshop was to study how different aspects of living in community manifest or apply differently depending on the culture and on the latitude where the work is located. Organized by The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Copenhagen, 1st to 12th January 2013.
  • Presentation of the film Meeting at the building, directed by Carlota Coloma and Adrià Lahuerta, shot at 111 Building by Flores & Prats, after one year of occupation by the neighbours. The projection of the film finishes with a debate on post-occupation experiences in social housing (Monday 17th December, at the auditorium of FAD, Barcelona).
  • 19th to 23rd of November 2012: Flores & Prats assist as lecturers at the XVIII edition of the Bienal de Quito, BAQ 2012, Ecuador. Ricardo Flores also acts as member of the jury for the Gold Medal Award of the Bienal.
  • 21st November 2012.
    Lecture at XVIII Bienal de Quito, Ecuador
    . The lecture La Dimensión Social de la Vivienda is on the third day of the Bienal, under the general topic of ‘Human Being’.
  • 19th November 2012.
    Lecture at the School of Architecture ETSAB of Barcelona
    . The lecture called La Dimensión Social de la Vivienda focuses on the housing project 111 Building and its process of Post-Occupation by neighbours.
  • A reality show on Italian TV, The Apprentice, with Flavio Briatore as main character, uses the Microsoft Campus in Milan, of Flores & Prats, for filming the show. The subject of the show is to select an assistant for Briatore; the candidates that compete arrive to the big final for interview, using the Microsoft Campus as location.
  • Front page interview with Flores & Prats in issue 106 of Via construcción magazine.
  • 26th September 2012.
    Lecture to students of Cátedra Cerámica
    , of the school of architecture ESARQ in Barcelona. The students and professors chose to visit office and talk about several projects there.
  • 20th September 2012.
    Lecture at CREA
    (Congreso Rosarino de Estudiantes de Arquitectura). Rosario, Argentina. Organized by students of architecture of the National University of Rosario.
  • 5th and 6th September 2012. Shooting of the Film Meeting at the Building, at 111 Building in Terrassa. The directors of the film, Adrià Lahuerta and Carlota Coloma take two intense days to register and shoot on site, surrounded by neighbours of the building and helped by staff from Flores & Prats’ office.
  • 4th September 2012. TV Programme Connexió Barcelona of National Channel BTV shows the project House in a Suitcase, with Eva Prats explaining the project.
  • See a complete video of several interviews to the neighbours at the Building 111. This video is part of a Post-Occupation Workshop at the Master program “Laboratorio de la Vivienda” at ETSAB-UPC-, in which the students put questions to the neighbours who live in the building, regarding subjects like the communal central courtyard, the open kitchen and open layout of the flats, and other themes of the design of the building.
  • Second phase of the Palau Balaguer Cultural Centre, under construction. See recent photos by Adrià Goula.
  • See latest photographs of the Innovation Campus Microsoft in Milan. By Enzo Barraco, Filippo Romano and Filippo Abrami. The Campus is in use from June 2011, and the images show how the offices and the external open spaces are being used.
  • Building 111. Post-Occupation Workshop with students participating at the Master program “Laboratorio de la Vivienda” at ETSAB-UPC. The design for the Building 111 searches to create a new sense of community among its inhabitants. The workshop records the opinion of several neighbours, after 10 months of living in the building:
  • See the latest photos of Flores Prats social housing project Edificio 111 at Terrassa, Barcelona. The building has started to be inhabited by around 70 families now, and starts to have signs of social relationships between neighbors.
  • 21st May 2012.
    Lecture at the cycle ARA Arquitectura, Barcelona
    . The lecture was about the project Centre Cultural Casal Balaguer of Palma de Mallorca, at the moment under construction, focusing on the process of development of the project in all its phases.
  • 12th April 2012.
    Lecture at School of Architecture ESAyT in Madrid
    . The lecture called La Disciplina de lo Existente focuses on the new project for the theatre Sala Beckett in Barcelona, referring to other projects concerned with rehabilitation of the office space.
  • 22nd March 2012.
    Lecture at the Royal Academy of Architecture in Copenhagen
    . The lecture forms part of a cycle called Reflective Practitioners, organized by this school, and focused on the project on rehabilitation of the office.
  • 8th March 2012. Lecture at the School of Architecture La Salle in Tarragona. The lecture called Escenes Quotidianes focused on the 111 Building and the New Theatre Sala Beckett.
  • Workshop Through the Canvas. The intention of this workshop is to revisit the history of domesticity, and more specifically the architectonical proposal stated by Dutch paintings of the Seventeenth Century. Students work with Dutch interiors painted by Pieter de Hooch and Emanual de Witte.
    The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts / School of Architecture, 2nd to 13th January 2012
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