Palau Balaguer

Rehabilitation of a baroque Palace in Palma de Mallorca as an exhibition and concert centre, plus the organization of workshops for the arts association “Círculo de Bellas Artes”.

The intervention will define the new circulation through the building to make sure that all the different programmes can coexist together. This circulation will include a new staircase and an elevator that can fit inside one of the vertical courtyards of the palace.

Circulation along the building will be orientated by the entrance of natural light, provided by a series of new skylights. The Palace has grown over 10 centuries; the boundaries between the different periods can be read in its fragmentary geometry. The new light wells are introduced producing some gaps between one period and the other. They will provide natural light to some of the actual inner dark parts of the palace, making clearer the connection between parts of the history of the building.

Programme: Rehabilitation of a baroque Palace in Palma de Mallorca as an exhibition and concert centre, plus the organization of workshops for the arts association “Círculo de Bellas Artes”.
Promoter: Palma City Council and Caja Madrid Foundation.
Architects: Flores & Prats Archs, Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats with Francisco Pizà and Ma. José Duch (Duch-Pizà Archs, Mallorca)
Archaeological Research: Arqueotaller, Roser Pérez, Margalida Munar, Magdalena Salas.
Historic Research: Ma. Dolores Ladaria.
Material analysis: Lend Consulting.
Structures: Fernando Purroy.
Collaborators: Caterina Anastasia, Andrea Tisino, Ankur Jain, Els Van Meerbeek, Juan Antonio Membrive, Javier Lecumberri, Eirene Presmanes, Eugenia Troncoso, Oriol Valls, Mar Garrido, Cristian Zanoni, Carlos Bedoya, Guido Fiszson, Ellen Halupczok, Julia Taubinger, Paula Avila, Nicolás Chara, Eugenia Troncoso, Celia Carroll, Jonny Pugh, Israel Hernando, Hernán Barbalace, Benedikte Mikkelsen, Sergi Madrid, Jorge Casajús.
Photographs of the model: Hisao Suzuki.
Photographs of the building: Adrià Goula.
Situation: 3 Unió Street, Palma de Mallorca
Area: 2.500 m_
Budget: 2.056.287 €
Date of the Project: 1996, first project concerning only the roofs. 2001-2003, project for the complete renovation of the building.
Date of Construction: April 2009 – under construction.
> Project Film (flash movie)
model of complete building model roof facade model library under roof ground floor street level access level with new exhibition gallery on the left and new concrete staircase concept design of project new ground floor section through the courtyard from street to back passage
from the courtyard to stairs facing new concrete stairs light in the corner folded concrete folding and compressing light section of new concrete staircase skylights light coming down like water connection to second floor staircase with skylights on the top light down to lower levels joints in concrete under roofscape roofscape long section showing the light wells out into the terrace giants open theatre lecture room fall to central courtyard eyes zinc tiles above the surface of the roof under the roof library hall around the dome detail of library level around the dome library reading room space of the dome transversal section with vertical and horizontal lights stairs up to the terrace light above the dome axonometrical drawing of spaces around the dome roof over the dome broken back facade axonometrical drawing of back facade complete roofscape actual state and proposed facade skylight over triangular room axonometrical drawing of triangular room for meetings down into triangular room new and old windows up to main level dome from the long room staircase to the storage area former service area windows main floor living rooms of the family concert room with organ
       > see also photos of the second phase of construction completed.
< Images of the first phase of construction, completed in August 2011.
you can see this and other project films in
Flores Prats studio